A value is defined by the services you receive in exchange for the price you pay

Tax return preparation and related services are billed at $175 per hour. Minimum fees are described below. Costs for services vary depending on the nature and complexity of the services provided. The following are average costs for various common scenarios:

Tax Returns

Individual Income Taxes

$375: Individuals with W-2 income and some interest and/or dividends who do not itemize deductions

$400 – $475: Individuals with W-2 income, interest/dividends and capital gains/losses who itemize deductions

$500 and up: Individuals who are primarily self-employed (including single member LLC) or own rental property

$500 and up: Individuals required to file multi-state tax returns

Tax processing fee of $125 for individual tax returns included in amounts above

Partnership / Multiple Member LLC / Corporate Tax Returns

$1,000 and up: Fees vary depending on the accuracy of the record keeping and the size of the business

Tax processing fee of $175 for partnership, corporate and trust tax returns included in amount above


QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks set up and instruction services are billed at my hourly rate. See the QuickBooks page for a special offer for new clients.