Whether you are an employee, self-employed, landlord, student or retiree chances are you can benefit from professional tax preparation

Individual Taxes

I work with individuals to minimize their tax liability by helping them navigate the complex landscape of our tax system. I offer office appointments or remote tax preparation options tailored to meet the needs of my clients' busy schedules. Canned software and on line services are generally a poor substitute to a client/CPA relationship.

Corporate/Business Taxes

Generally, business tax preparation requires a complete set of books be maintained. I offer various solutions which enable the owner/shareholder the ability to stay in compliance without losing focus on his/her core business.

Depending on the entity type, size, number of employees and record-keeping, the cost of business tax preparation varies. I work one-on-one with my clients to find the solution right for them.

Tax Planning

The best way to ensure you are minimizing your tax liability is through effective planning. I work with my individual and business clients to develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation.

Tax Audit Representation

Examinations are stressful enough – don’t go it alone. I represent clients before the various federal and state tax agencies. If you received a notice or levy, the benefit of having a professional on your side far outweigh the costs.

Small Business Consulting

The ability to effectively track and measure a business’s financial past will determine its future. I empower business owners with the knowledge and tools that will help them make good decisions.

Bookkeeping Services

Since no two businesses are the same, there are many different bookkeeping solutions. QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel or other low-tech systems are all options for business owners to consider. I specialize in helping my clients find the system that works best for them and provide options to help them.

Other Services

While a CPA can help individuals and businesses through a myriad of responsibilities and obligations, there are some solutions that are best provided by other professionals. I partner with like-minded professionals in the following fields:

Financial Planning

I recommend the services of an independent certified financial planner. Wealth management is a vital part of long-term financial success.

Payroll Processing

With so many different taxing authorities and deadlines to manage, I refer my clients to a company who specializes in administering payroll.

Estate Planning

A common misconception is that you have to be rich to need an estate plan. The truth is almost everyone can benefit from a plan especially if children are involved. I refer an attorney who specializes in this complex and evolving field of law.

Business Attorney

Choosing the right type of business entity is only one of the vital roles of a business attorney. The CPA / attorney combination is essential for any successful business. I refer an attorney with over two decades of business law experience.

Credit Card Processing

Competition is fierce in this industry. I recommend a processor who doesn’t require long term contracts or offer expensive equipment leases. More importantly, the rates are the lowest in the industry.

Please contact me to obtain more information on the services I offer and those that I recommend.